Blog: Searching for my inner George Toma

Why didn’t I just put in a rock garden?

After a couple years of watching my front lawn go from green grass to a moon surface — to a weed and clover farm, I decided to give the front of my house a little sprucing up and to re-sod…again.

I had tried this before. It looks good for about three months and then starts to go south on me really fast. See, the lawn is on a slope and the sandy soil seems to always wash away.

This time the landscaper tried something different — and over $1000 later — I’ve got lush tall fescue trying to take root. Exciting stuff, huh? I’ve been watering it like the man told me. I even went out and got one of those sprinklers you see at a golf course. You know, it goes “ffft ffft ffft ffft ffft — shhhhhhhhhhhh — ffft ffft ffft ffft — shhhhhhhhhhhh.” What I like about the gizmo is it doesn’t soak me each time I try to adjust or move it. You know those “gentle, swaying” sprinklers? There’s nothing gentle about them! One wrong twist of that stupid dial and you go from being a mild-mannered lawn waterer to an extra in “Titanic.”

Why can’t we all be George Toma, the stadium sod guru? That man could grow grass on glass.

So, I will give this grass thing one last shot. If this doesn’t work, what’s next? FieldTurf? It’s either that or a rock garden. I suppose I better start reading up on Feng Shui.


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